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Thoughts on Abating Anxiety & Stress

By | August 5, 2011

Anxiety and stress can be pervasive and wear on ones emotions as well as your body. Anxiety can manifest itself in a variety of manners, many of which are somatic, meaning in the body. It creates a chain reaction with symptoms of stomach pain, shakes, sweat, sleep difficulty, and fatigue. Most often anxiety can effectively […]

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Worthiness: A Key To Overpowering Depression

By | April 26, 2010

I was at a conference for therapists last week and listened to various workshops put on by therapists presenting on their counseling with people in conjunction to what they are finding helps people heal based on research. One such topic was given by Brene’ Brown, a therapist I came to respect based on her research […]

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Social Anxiety During The Holidays

By | December 28, 2009

The holidays are filled with gatherings, work parties, socials, and church events, all activities typically enjoyed by all. For some though, they are not events that bring nostalgia and excitement. Individuals that suffer and deal with social anxiety find these events troubling and more of a chore than a longed-for reunion with family and friends. […]

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Full List of Blog Articles by Justin Stum

By | July 22, 2003

How Do I Know If My Pornography Use Is A Problem, Habit, or Addiction? What Is It Most Women Really Want? Helicopter Grandparenting: When Helping Becomes Hovering and Harming Addicted: Those That Get Addicted and Those That Don’t Sexual Addiction & Brain Arousal – Neurobiology of Internet Porn Emotional Codependency in Marriage and Parenting Relationships […]

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